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*Golf ball fitted for easier use on controller 
*Attendant control

*Powered tilt in space
*Modular seating 
*Adaptable headrest
*Acrylic tray with raised edge and recess cut out for controller 
*Tray fixing 
*Sedeo lite pro seat and cover
*Calf strap
*Contoured backrest for extra comfort

Case Management

*Manual adjusting backrest
*Support seat cushion sized as per assessment 
*Deep active flex backrest
*Set of comfort covers for seat and backrest
*Pair of manually adjusting leg rests
*Pair of calf and knee pads 
*Pair of hemiplegic
*Pair of padded side supports full length
*V-style headrest
*Set of longer range batteries 
*Modifications made to arm rest to match Measurements from assessment 
*Pair of beanbags for foot plates 
*Set of xc90 shear cover fleece fabric for pressure relief.

*Sedeo pro seat base
*Height adjustable push handles
*7"solid front wheels
*Coupled foot brake 
*Gas spring tilt adjustment 
*Wraparound headrest 

*Backrest with adjustable straps
*Removable armrest with quick lock
*Side supports
*Lap strap with anti- tip bracket
*Manual tilt in space 
*Heel and toe loops
​*Attendant brake system 
​*Deep active backrest