*Manual adjusting backrest
*Support seat cushion sized as per assessment 
*Deep active flex backrest
*Set of comfort covers for seat and backrest
*Pair of manually adjusting leg rests
*Pair of calf and knee pads 
*Pair of hemiplegic
*Pair of padded side supports full length
*V-style headrest
*Set of longer range batteries 

Custom wheelchairs are our speciality, and with over 30 years experience we have built a reputable client base. 

We build adapted powerchairs, manual chairs, pediatric chairs, rise and recline chairs and much more to suit specific needs and requirements. 

This process includes:

  • Initial assessments to measure and identify requirements 
  • Visit to demonstrate products that are suited to the client 
  • Ordering chair, parts and all specific adaptions as required 
  • Delivery and fitting 
  • Revisit to ensure all adaptions are in place and chair is working correctly 

Once the custom chair is in place, we offer service packages which run for 12 months which include 2 services on site at the comfort of the clients home, number of callouts (pre-discussed) which will cover any maintenance, repairs or fitting of new parts, and a 10% discount on all parts. 

To book in for a FREE assessment and information of a service package, contact us on keepactiveservices@yahoo.co.uk or call us on 0161 258 2388 / 0161 312 1771. 

*Sedeo pro seat base
*Height adjustable push handles
*7"solid front wheels
*Coupled foot brake 
*Gas spring tilt adjustment 
*Wraparound headrest 

*Backrest with adjustable straps
*Removable armrest with quick lock
*Side supports
*Lap strap with anti- tip bracket
*Manual tilt in space 
*Heel and toe loops
​*Attendant brake system 
​*Deep active backrest

0161 258 2388 /  0161 312 1771

*Golf ball fitted for easier use on controller 
*Attendant control

*Powered tilt in space
*Modular seating 
*Adaptable headrest

*Acrylic tray with raised edge and recess
cut out for controller 
*Tray fixing 
*Sedeo lite pro seat and cover
*Calf strap
*Contoured backrest for extra comfort